Procurement Post: February 2021

Delegations of Authority for Purchases over $75k

Purchase requisitions over $75,000 in PeopleSoft Financials require approval by a division vice president or college dean, unless otherwise delegated to other members of their units.

The current list of delegations can be found on the Procurement Services General Procedures webpage. Procurement Services manages this list of delegations, and Financials Support Services (FSS) updates the approvals routing in Financials.

Routing is generally set up using the unit’s department numbers, but in certain cases, it can be set up by VP Org.

If your area’s leadership changes (e.g., one of your primary or delegate approvers leaves the university) or experiences a structural or budgetary reorganization (e.g., you’re absorbed under another unit and your department numbers change), review the list to see if anyone’s approval authority needs to be updated.

Contact Procurement Services at to inform our staff if any primary or delegate approvers should be changed for your area. Our office will work with FSS to implement the changes in the Financials workflow.

Please be aware that changes in the system only occur by notifying Procurement of the changes in your area; failure to do so may delay the processing of requisitions.