All acquisitions of motor vehicles, watercraft or aircraft through purchase, lease, lease purchase or transfer from another agency require approval by your department head and Workplace Safety and Environmental Management. Please create a purchase requisition using one of the category codes listed below to obtain the appropriate approvals through the UCF Financials workflow.

Vehicle Category Codes

25101503 – Cars
25101505 – Minivans or Vans
25101507 – Light Trucks or Sport Utility Vehicles
25101700 – Safety & Rescue Vehicles
25101900 – Specialized Vehicles/Segway
25101904 – Golf Carts
25101905 – All Terrain Vehicles
25110000 – Marine Vehicles

Please see below for UCF vehicle procedures and other useful information. 


UCF Vehicle Procedures

Vehicle Contracts 

See the Contracts page for more information about these vehicle contracts.