General Information

UCF Procurement Services welcomes vendors interested in doing business with the University. We desire to maintain an open, competitive and friendly atmosphere in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Vendors should note that UCF Procurement Services follows all mandates in accordance with Florida Statutes, Board of Trustees and University of Central Florida Regulations. We subscribe and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Educational Procurement. We foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices at all times.

To this end, we request that all vendors honor the established rules and regulations in order to conduct business with the University of Central Florida.

Corporate (EIN) vendor requests should be faxed to Procurement Services at 407-823-5551 or submitted via email to

Individual (SSN) vendor requests must be faxed to Finance & Accounting at 407-882-1067; via email will not be accepted.

All international vendors should complete a W-8BEN-E form and provide Procurement Services with the information listed in the form below.

Note: No merchandise may be shipped nor any service performed without a Purchase Order or Procurement Card (PCard) number. Telephone orders require a purchase order unless the University’s Procurement Card is being used. No COD’s will be accepted.