General Procedures

Procurement Services involves the acquisition of equipment, furnishings, supplies, facility improvement, preventive maintenance, contractual services, and leases of space for the university within pre-established budgetary constraints.

Some of our functions include assisting with the planning and preparation of specifications, initiating formal solicitations, conducting public bid and proposal openings, evaluating bids and proposals, and awarding and administering all contracts until final completion or termination.

Our procedures are based on the university’s competition requirements. Review the procedures for solicitations, exemptions, and other items below.

To learn about special procedures for procuring commodities and services, such as furniture, hazardous materials, and vehicles, visit our Special Procedures page.


General Information

The links below include other procurement procedures, including the university’s procurement regulation. Review our special procedures page for information on furniture purchases, moving expenses, vehicles, and other types of purchases.


Acquisitions greater than $150,000 that don’t qualify for an exemption or piggyback off an existing contract require a formal solicitation (Invitation to Bid or Invitation to Negotiate).

Terms & Conditions

All university purchase orders (POs) are subject to set terms and conditions and freight and delivery terms. The university also has a standard template for contractual agreements and insurance certificates.


Certain items and services may be exempt from competition. Procurement Services will make the final determination if a purchase qualifies for an exemption.