Printing purchases must be made in accordance  the requirements of Chapter 283, F.S., including both commercial printing services and Class B printing. UCF Policy 3.302 governs all requests for Printing Services.

All print jobs that are not produced by a department using their printing devices must be forwarded to the UCF Print Shop for quotation, production, and review for compliance with UCF Branding Standards


All UCF departments are required to forward their print jobs to UCF Printing Services, even if the printing will be paid by Procurement or Expense Card. If Printing Services cannot fulfill the project, departments must obtain quotes from printers on the approved supplier list whose equipment, production availability, delivery capability and printing expertise best match their needs. Printing Services will review the printing specifications for the project and act as the unit’s liaison with the preferred printers to assure that all conditions of the contract are met.

After receiving price quotes from Printing Services, if the department chooses to use a printer other than Printing Services or one of the approved printing companies, a written explanation must be forwarded to Printing Services requesting a one-time waiver prior to contacting the non-contract supplier. If problems arise concerning quality, delivery, service, or other factors related to a job printed by a supplier not on the list, the unit may be responsible for finding a solution at its own expense. If the pieces printed do not meet graphic standards, they may be pulled from distribution and may have to be reprinted.

Departments that go through Printing Services and use one of the university’s contracted suppliers do not need to obtain competitive quotes. Printing Services will facilitate competition among contract suppliers so that units receive the best price and delivery. The university’s competition requirements must be followed when not using the contracted suppliers.