Doing Business with UCF

Thank you for your interest in providing services or products to the University of Central Florida (UCF). The university values and admires the dedicated business owners who are critical in making our economy strong. The following steps are provided as a guide to assist you in doing business with the university.
  1. Check UCF’s bid opportunity announcements
  2. Review current list of annual contracts and suppliers
  3. Understand UCF’s competition requirements


  4. Market directly to UCF departments
    Procurement Services rarely hears about opportunities prior to supplier selection for purchases under $150,000. Each department has its own procurement needs and budgets. No formal bidding is required for purchases costing less than $150,000, and UCF departments have much latitude in making supplier selections that satisfy their requirements. Maximize your level of consideration for these opportunities by introducing your business directly to UCF departments. Search the UCF A‐Z directory for each department’s website and staff information. Feel free to contact us for information on which departments might buy a particular good and/or service.
  5. Stay connected
    Sign up for the Diversity in Contracts mailing list to receive information on upcoming events and known opportunities.
  6. Consider applying to become either a state contract supplier or purchasing cooperative supplier
    Many times the Procurement Services staff will direct departments to purchasing cooperatives as a way to save time and money.  For more information, visit the Florida Department of Management Services Purchasing Cooperative Contracts.
  7. Check other local bid opportunities
    • City governments
    • School boards
    • County governments
  8.  Reporting requirements for entities wanting to engage in business with UCF
    UCF is a state agency. Section 286.101, Florida Statutes requires any entity that applies to a state agency or political subdivision for a grant or proposes a contract having a value of $100,000 or more shall disclose to the state agency or political subdivision any current or prior interest of, any contract with, or any grant or gift received from a foreign country of concern if such interest, contract, or grant or gift has a value of $50,000 or more and such interest existed at any time or such contract or grant or gift was received or in force at any time during the previous 5 years. Such disclosure shall include the name and mailing address of the disclosing entity, the amount of the contract or grant or gift or the value of the interest disclosed, the applicable foreign country of concern and, if applicable, the date of termination of the contract or interest, the date of receipt of the grant or gift, and the name of the agent or controlled entity that is the source or interest holder. Within 1 year before applying for any grant or proposing any contract, such entity must provide a copy of such disclosure to the Department of Financial Services. For more information regarding this disclosure requirement please review Section 286.101, Florida Statutes.For questions and additional information, please contact the Department of Financial Services: