Communications Equipment

Communications equipment includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Cellular telephones for university business
  • Telephones and telephone equipment
  • Network equipment (LAN switches/routers)
  • Facsimile communications equipment
  • Intercom systems
  • Antennae
  • Pagers (paging receivers)
  • Radios (2-way, portable or vehicular)
  • Security systems and surveillance cameras

Audiovisual equipment such as projectors, classroom record players, small tape recorders, etc. are not classified as communications equipment for the purposes of this requirement. 

Communications equipment are subject to the same rules and regulations as information technology resource equipment. In addition, all purchases, leases, or acquisitions of communication services and/or equipment regardless of cost require the review and approval of UCF Telecommunications to ensure network interoperability, security, and meeting standards. UCF Telecommunications will coordinate with the State Division of Telecommunications (DIVTEL) to obtain their review and approvals as appropriate. 


Telephones, telephone equipment, antennae, intercom systems, pagers, radios, cell phones, internet services, and voice/data/video circuits from telephone companies and/or long-distance carriers, purchase or lease, must be approved by UCF Telecommunications before submitting a requisition to Procurement Services. Requisitions for the purchase or lease of communications equipment follow the same process as other acquisitions with the following additions:

  • UCF Telecommunications requires a justification and proposed usage statement be included with the requisition.
  • Include a local contact on the requisition, preferably the individual with the most knowledge of the requested acquisition.
  • For items available from state contracts, include the commodity number, state contract number, item description, price, and supplier name and address.

For all other communications equipment, include the complete specifications, make and model, number of items, pricing (if known), suggested suppliers, and any other information related to the request. Trained UCF Telecommunications staff members can assist as needed. Procurement Services can assist in preparing specifications for formal solicitations.

UCF Telecommunications will complete state form COM 9008, Communications Purchase if required and forward it to DIVTEL for approval. Normal processing time is ten working days after receipt by DIVTEL.