The university has office furnishing standards that should be used when selecting furniture for your department. The standards offer a wide selection for departmental use. Contact the appropriate procurement specialist for more information on the standards and various contracts and suppliers for flexibility in the selection of dimension and style.


UCF departments must follow certain requisition guidelines, furniture standards, and building code requirements when purchasing furniture. Please see below for information on ordering furniture and using existing contracts to purchase furniture.

The university has office furnishing standards which should be used when selecting furniture for your department. The pricing parameters (established by the Florida Department of Financial Services) below serve as a guide.

  • Chairs (ergonomic):  $750 each*
  • Sofas (3 seat):  $1,500 each*
  • Love Seats (2 seat):  $1,200 each*
  • Wing Back (guest chair, no wheels):  $875 each*
  • End Tables:  $450 each
  • Coffee Table:  $675 each
  • Conference Table:  $675 each (per 4ft of conference table)
  • Task Lighting:  $175 each
  • *Including fabric upgrades if applicable

Compliance with the Florida Building Code is required when installing or replacing modular furniture, corridor furnishings, or classroom seating. The Florida Building Code requires modular furniture installations be permitted and installed by a Florida state certified contractor.

To help expedite the process, the UCF Building Code Office will review proposed furniture and seating changes prior to purchase. Acceptable documentation will be a to-scale dimensioned floor plan of the room(s) affected. Adequate ADA and life safety egress parameters for seating, podiums, aisles, and access ways must be shown. Contact Facilities Planning & Construction for assistance with reviews. Early plan review will avert purchases of furniture and seating that cannot be installed as intended and avoid delays for furniture or seating installations.

For more information, please review our furniture order process guide and furniture contract information below.