Frequently Asked Questions

Review answers to some common questions from UCF departments regarding the supplier input process.

1. How do I add a new supplier to UCF Financials?

To add a new supplier, have the supplier complete our secure electronic substitute W-9 Qualtrics form via this link: The form and instructions can also be found on Procurement Services’ Forms and Suppliers pages as well as the Vendors Payable section of the Financial Affairs Forms page.

Please note the supplier should complete all required fields, including the completed address and the “Name of contact at UCF” field so that our supplier input staff knows who to send the supplier ID to once completed.

2. Can I still submit an IRS W-9 form to add a supplier?

The UCF Substitute W-9 Qualtrics form is the preferred method for supplier creations and updates. We will still accept the latest version of the IRS W-9 form (October 2018) signed within the last year for now, but please make every effort to use the Qualtrics substitute W-9 form.

The direct link to share with suppliers is

3. Is there anything different I need to add an individual versus a corporate supplier?

When requesting supplier setup for an individual (suppliers operating under a SSN on the W-9), departments should provide a completed copy of the results from UCF’s automated worker classification questionnaire.

The questionnaire must be completed by a UCF employee via this link: The questionnaire can also be found on the Helpful Links & Resources page under the Tax section of the Financial Affairs website.

4. How do I update a supplier in Financials?

To update a supplier’s main address or banking information, have the supplier complete a new submission through our substitute W-9 Qualtrics form.

To update a remit address, send the update request to Procurement Services along with an invoice, memo, or letterhead from the supplier (not in email format) with the new address.

5. How do I reactivate a supplier listed as inactive in Financials?

To reactivate an inactive supplier, have the supplier submit a new substitute W-9 Qualtrics form.

6. How do I add banking information for a supplier?

Banking information can be securely added by having suppliers complete the substitute W-9 form on our website or directly through this link: There is a section where banking information can be included with a bank letter or voided check.

7. How do I add a foreign supplier?

To add a foreign supplier, a W-8BEN-E form should be completed by the supplier. The requesting department should also provide the quote or invoice from the supplier along with the supplier’s contact information.

All individual suppliers must be reviewed by UCF Global before Procurement Services can process the supplier request. For corporate suppliers, if it is a non-software commodity purchase, Procurement Services can directly process the request; however, if it is a non-commodity or software purchase, UCF Global will need to review first. Please send all foreign supplier requests to the UCF Global Vendor Request team at

8. How long does it take to add or update a supplier in Financials?

Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for Procurement Services to process your supplier request. The amount of time required is dependent on the volume and nature of requests along with external factors (e.g., functioning of the IRS TIN matching website). Our supplier input staff works diligently to complete requests for the whole university, so please be mindful of the processing window when submitting your requests.

9. Who do I contact with supplier creation and update questions?

Please contact Procurement Services at with any questions related to supplier creations or updates. Review our Suppliers pages for answers to commonly asked questions.

Still have questions? Reach out to us at