UCF Departments

UCF departments should use the forms and instructions below in order to add a supplier to UCF Financials. Review our Supplier FAQ page for more information. Please note that UCF is not permitted to complete an application of credit for suppliers– see our Credit Reference Letter for details.

Domestic Suppliers

Process Update: UCF departments wishing to do business with a supplier should have them submit a completed UCF Substitute W-9 Form instead of submitting the IRS W-9 Form. The form and its instructions can be found below and on our Forms page. Please continue to notify Procurement Services when a supplier creation or update is needed so we can verify any supplier submissions we receive.

Procurement Services now processes all supplier requests, including corporate (EIN) suppliers, individual (SSN) suppliers, and supplier banking information. Questions about supplier requests should be emailed to Procurement Services at

When requesting supplier setup for an individual, departments should provide a completed copy of the results from UCF’s automated worker classification questionnaire. The questionnaire must be completed by a UCF employee using the following link: The questionnaire can also be found in the Tax section of the Financial Affairs website.

Foreign Suppliers

All international suppliers should complete a W-8BEN-E form and provide Procurement Services with the information listed in the form’s instructions, which can be found below and on our Forms page.